While primarily working as a contract manufacturer specializing in agricultural and structural accessories there is nothing the team of skilled employees cannot produce with quality results. The ultimate manufacturer that can cut, punch, machine, saw, weld, assemble and paint a variety of parts.

We combine our industry knowledge, competitive pricing and superior service to provide the customer with a finished product that meets their needs from design to delivery at the highest quality level

Diversified Welding LLC has added a sister company, Diversified Industrial Coatings LLC, to make manufacturing and finishing under one roof. Diversified Industrial Coating offers blasting and powder-coating services to products Diversified Welding LLC manufactures or a product that is brought in as a stand alone and requires finishing only. We also like to mention our paint booth allows for advance airflow management and containment control, giving the precision expected for a high quality finished product.


We're located in West Fargo, ND

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